Always Vigilant, Always On-Time

At NXT Security, we take a holistic approach to securing your assets, facilities, and people, maintaining an environment that is safe and conducive for normal day-to-day operations. Our highly-trained security officers are trained to pay the utmost attention to detail and consistently deliver quality services so you can depend on us to protect what’s important to you at all times. 


Our retail security officers maintain a safe and hospitable shopping environment for both your customers and staff while ensuring that your assets and facilities are adequately protected.


From the patient, staff, and visitor safety to protecting sensitive patient data, restricted substances, and more, we formulate integrated healthcare facility security solutions, keeping your premises protected from the inside out all year round.

Construction / Mining

We integrate the latest technology, skilled personal on-site and mobile patrols to safeguard your staff, building equipment, mineral resources, and more to prevent theft, trespassing, conflict among employees, and other potential security risks.

Industrial / Commercial

Our experienced security guards utilize the latest technology and equipment to monitor and protect your facility around the clock, keeping your assets, employees, customers, and guests safe at all times.


In addition to their security training hospitality security officers receive industry-specific etiquette and customer service training, to secure your hospitality venue at all times to ensure that your assets and people are protected without compromising on your brand image.


We diligently watch over your students, teachers, staff, guests, and facilities at all times, maintaining a safe, positive and peaceful learning environment that gives you and your student's parents and guardians peace of mind.

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