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At NXT Security, we pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge security services in Perth, integrating advanced equipment and technology into our solutions to provide you with the best security coverage possible for your facilities. We provide our clients with a wide range of services and end-to-end security solutions, tailored to their security requirements.

Security guards

Securing your premises, assets, people, and facilities, at all times is very crucial in preventing theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity that may result in expensive losses, especially when not in use. Our static security guards are trained to work diligently with consistency and at peak performance at all times, providing you with reliable protection and ample coverage for your property, facilities, and premises.

Loss Prevention

Regular security services not only help prevent theft and loss of revenue, but will also create a safe environment for your assets, employees, and customers, free from criminal elements, threatening behaviour, and other security risks. We formulate full-proof loss prevention security strategies that protect your business from vulnerability both from the inside and outside, saving you thousands of dollars on avoidable losses.

Site Security

Keeping an eye out for intruders and criminal elements while simultaneously protecting your employees, equipment, and resources, especially on a large site can be very challenging. We provide on-site security services to monitor, control, and protect your premises in their entirety and all your assets, equipment, and employees. Our Perth security guards use the latest security equipment and proven practices to safeguard your facility and minimize security threats and vulnerabilities.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols not only act as visible crime deterrents, but they also effectively monitor multiple locations simultaneously and proactively respond to any emergencies, keeping your assets, premises, assets, and people protected. Our security officers are trained to stay on the move in unpredictable patterns and fully equipped to provide an immediate response to any suspicious activity and emergencies. Our vehicle fleet is fully equipped with advanced technology to ensure that we keep protect your employees, premises, and investments more effectively.

Emergency Response

Emergencies not only require quick action, but they come with several protocols that can pose as life-threatening vulnerabilities or lead to property loss and damage when even the smallest of elements is neglected. Our security officers arrive on site at the fastest turnaround times to respond to emergencies whenever your security alarm is triggered to assess your site and handle the emergency as needed.

Event Security

Security officers are the first point of contact between you and your company, business, or brand. Our event security officers are not only highly trained to control crowds, handle security risks, and conflicts effectively, but they are also skilled in delivering phenomenal customer experiences with a high degree of courtesy and professionalism. NXT Security is the ideal choice for event security officers that will uphold your brand’s identity while effectively protecting all your interests.

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